Köln International School of Design and Chiba University Joint Design Workshop 2014

ワークショップの概要 / Summary of this workshop

Tohoku is the name of an area which consists of the northeastern portion of Honshu, the largest island of Japan. On 11 of March in 2011 this area was immensely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. After the earthquake people who lived in the disaster area where in the need to move into temporary housing and are now confronted with the question on how to restructure their community in consideration of the three different stage communities:
– The old community they used to live in
– The current community built in temporary housing area
– The future community established in new place
These problems regarding community is not existed only in Tohoku area, but also other areas in Japan as well as all over the world. Hence by thinking about the community of Tohoku it is possible to learn about general insight which might apply as hints,solutions or strategies for all our future communities.
The goal of this wokshop was to research and develope new ideas for future communities. Therefore the project started with a indepht research approach in Tohoku itself.
Within 3 days in Tohoku 3 mixed teams consisting of each 2 japan-based and 2 german students investigated different sight within the are to learn about the disaster, already developed strategies and the actual needs and problems residents face in the temporary housing structures. Through the direct contact with these people students gained a much deeper understanding of the situation as a research based on existing knowledge could have offered.
The daily research phases where completed by development phases in the evening in which students reflected on the daily insights and transformed these into sketches for possible design solutions which could work in the actual situation as well serve to prepare for further disasters.

期間 /Date


協力 / Partners

Hitachi Ltd., Design Division/Japan Student Services Organization/ Köln International School of Design/千葉大学大学院工学研究科デザイン科学専攻

参加者 /Participants


Team A

左から> Yutaro Suzuki, Tasuku SOGA, Anna Suslova, Julius Friedemann Gerhard Tuting


Team B

左から> Johannes Gunter Luck, Ying Zhong, Joana Francener Porto, Souma Takeuchi


Team C

左から> Julia Schnor, Jan Zurwellen, Toshitaka Mitsuhashi, Saki Hoshino



Paolo Tumminelli (KISD)
Makoto Watanabe (CU)
Kenta Ono (CU)
Till Beutling (CU)

Special Coodinator

Hiromichi Hara (CU)
Hiroko Imaizumi (CU)


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