ENCSI Les-Ateliers and Chiba University Joint Design Workshop 2013

ワークショップの概要 / Summary of this workshop

The workshop address the topic of sound, while the term was not limited to understand sound as music but also includes any kinds of sounds that people listen to and might find helpful. Upfront students where asked to survey sound experiences in Paris and Chiba/Tokyo. This collection served as a first input to get familiar with the variety of sound as it should be treated in this workshop.

In the workshop mixed teams consisting of 2 Japan-based and 1 France-based student developed innovative concepts addressing the multiple potential use of sound such as:
– Sound as navigation/information exchange
– Collective listening experience
– Manipulation/Interaction of sound
– Sounds and emotional triggering
The workshop was accompanied by two designer form JVCKenwood who provided valuable daily feedback on the research and development process.

協力 / Partners

JVCKENWOOD Design/Japan Student Services Organization/ ENCSI Les-Ateliers/千葉大学大学院工学研究科デザイン科学専攻

ファイナルプレゼンテーション / Final Presentation


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