ENSCI & Chiba University Joint Design Workshop 2012

ワークショップの概要 / Summary of this workshop

This workshop was held in February 2012 as part of “The Plant Environment Designing Program” adopted in “Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short Term Visit – Short Term Stay)” JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) is doing. This workshop is designed to cultivate human resources capable of having an international perspective through having this workshop. And also this workshop is designed to promote internationalization of our university and contribute to make interuniversity network and exchange program of university students by becoming as a model.

ワークショップテーマ / Theme of this workshop

“The Next Style of Urban Agriculture”

参加者 / Participants

6 persons of ENSCI Les Ateliers Students
13 persons of Chiba University Students

協力 / Partners

三井不動産株式会社 柏の葉キャンパスシティプロジェクト推進部/柏の葉アーバンデザインセンター(UDCK)/株式会社オークビレッジマネジメント/公益財団法人日本デザイン振興会/千葉大学大学院園芸学研究科
Kashiwanoha Campus City Project Development Planning Department, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. / Urban Design Center Kashiwa-no-ha(UDCK) / Oak Village Management K.K. / Japan Institute of Design Promotion / Graduate school of Horticulture, Chiba University

ワークショップの様子 / Photos and Movies of the workshop


オープニング&調査まとめ動画 / Movie of Opening and Research Phase


アイディエーションまとめ動画 / Movie of Ideation Phase


最後の追い込みまとめ動画 / Movie of Last Minutes

ファイナルプレゼンテーション / Final Presentation


ファイナルプレゼンテーションまとめ動画 / Movie of Final Presentation


Team A


Team B


Team C


Team D


Team E

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